Gazing toward a glorious future: Don and me at the 2009 Austin Film Festival. Photo:

The Producer

I’m pleased to announce a major development as I prep for my next film, NEW. I’ve officially teamed up with Don R. Lewis, who will be taking on the role of producer! Don lives in Petaluma, California, just down the road a piece here in Sonoma County. I couldn’t be happier about this development.

Don writes about film for, and was co-producer of THE VIOLENT KIND, a sci-fi/horror film that premiered at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. He’s also one of the filmmakers behind the popular feature documentary WORST IN SHOW, all about the Petaluma Ugly Dog Contest.

As preparations for NEW the short film crank up, I’m also expanding NEW into a feature-length screenplay. It’s going well. The basic concept (21st century couple in the future) has a lot of potential – what’s explored in the short film script is the tip of an iceberg even I still can’t see all of yet. I’m having fun mining ideas from it, exploring the sort-of-utopia our characters wake up in.

More announcements are coming soon! We’re hard at work prepping for casting, fund-raising, and assembling a special effects team. Make sure you don’t miss a single exciting morsel by signing up for my friendly newsletter email thing.

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