I‘m beside myself! LEFT: color grading with Gary Coates. RIGHT: with composer Pete Stringfellow.

Progress report

Hello everyone. I’ve been getting lots of inquiries as to the status of NEW. Mostly of the “is it done yet?” variety. The short answer: almost. Admittedly that’s been my short answer for a while. Completing this film seems to be a task akin to accelerating to the speed of light. The closer you get, the harder is to get the rest of the way there.

There is progress, however: on June 27, I spent the day in San Francisco with colorist Gary Coates. We went over the color grading he’d done on the film, and I got a crash course on how to fine-tune things to get the final look we want. At this point, I can tell you NEW is looking more beautiful than ever before.

It’s sounding beautiful too: multi-talented actor/performing artist/composer Pete Stringfellow is creating original musical for the film. Pete also plays the role of the bartender in the final scene, so you’ll be seeing his name roll by a couple of times in NEW’s credits.

And as for when you can see it… it won’t be long now. Considering it’s now July, certainly we’re a bit behind where we’d hoped we’d be by now. For those of you who’ve been waiting, thanks for your patience. Hang in there. More news will be coming soon.

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