I look like a giant in this picture. To my right is contest judge Madeleine Robins, and next to her is Contest Chair and author Ann Wilkes. To my left is 2nd place winner Liz Chamberlin.

My short story wins local competition

Adapted from my latest short screenplay, NEW is a 1,300-word short story that just won first place in the Redwood Writers Sci-Fi Short Story Contest. I’m quite pleased and take this as more encouragement to make the short film. The contest was judged by three pro SF scribes, including Mike Resnik, who has so many Hugo awards he’d have to take them around on one of those big Costco carts. If he took them around places, that is.

At their well-attended monthly meeting I was fairly astonished to learn that the Redwood Writers group is about 300 members strong. They are the largest branch of the California Writers Club, an organization founded in 1909 by (among others) author Jack London. Who knew? Not me, obviously. They offer all manner of nifty events and contests, of which I’ll be taking advantage.

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