My movie, on my actual TV, in my actual living room

Everything old is NEW again

This year my 2014 short film NEW was picked up by DUST, a channel specializing in nothing but sci-fi short films. This means my film is reaching a much, much bigger audience than I could ever hope to reach before. There are multiple ways to see NEW there, along with hundreds of other sci-fi shorts: you can get DUST as an app on your smartphone, or on your smart TV, or just watch the films on dumb old YouTube. Speaking of which, we’re currently at about 168,000 views there. Tons of great comments, including many people asking for a feature or a TV series. And the answer to that request is: working on it. I’ve written a 110-page screenplay, exploring and expanding the story of Hugh, Candace and Noelle. Some other characters get thawed out, too. I’m also re-jiggering the story as a TV series pitch. Cross your fingers, and stay tuned…

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