Actor/Director Workshop wraps

Had a blast running an actor/director workship. 8 actors, 4 scenes, 4 directors – one of whom was me.

Four teams (each consisting of one director and two actors) were each assigned a different short scene, excerpted from an existing produced screenplay. Each scene was rehearsed, presented to the entire group, critiqued & improved, then shot on video and edited. Not with the intention of creating a finished film. Just for the sake of practice interpreting text, working collaboratively, acting for the camera, shooting good coverage, and editing. Teams had just over an hour total to shoot their entire project. You can see some of the work we did below.

On the final night we met to screen & critique the finished scenes. We then screened the same scenes, excerpted from the actual films… which no one had seen since they were all fairly obscure indie titles from the 1990s. The group consensus was that our productions stacked up pretty well against the originals!

I started this workshop because I wanted to participate in it. Everyone participating was a student, including myself.

Many thanks to our hosts, the Community Media Center, the Glaser Center, and the Arts Council of Sonoma County. Also my thanks and congratulations to everyone who participated and offered me advice and help.

I may repeat this workshop in the future. Interested North Bay actors and directors, please email me. Include any information about yourself you think I should know. Thanks.

Laundromat scene from “No Looking Back” starring Lisa Wang and Jim Marchbanks. Directed & edited by John Harden. Camera by Glen Kinion. Script by Ed Burns. from AD Workshop on Vimeo.

From “The Brothers McMullen.” Jack, married, offers to drive single Ann home from a party. Directed, shot and edited by Alejandro R. Torres. Featuring Jessica Barry and Albert Minero Jr. Script by Ed Burns from Alejandro Torres on Vimeo.

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