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Me talk pretty about crowdfunding

So I’ll be at Petaluma Community Access TV tonight; they’ve asked me to give a talk about crowdfunding for filmmakers. I’m not claiming to be an expert on crowdfunding, but I am crackerjack at Googling things. That’s how I learned about it. Well enough, to run a couple of successful campaigns at least.

They’re videotaping it too, so if the whole things turns out semi-okay I’ll put that up here when it’s available.

Speaking of links, in 2013 I wrote about my crowdfunding research, back when I was trying to decide which platform to use, Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Most of the info is still relevant, I think. One thing that dates it: Kickstarter has since dropped their Amazon Payments method in favor of accepting credit cards.

And here’s a follow-up article where I decided “neither,” and went with Hatchfund.org instead. (You can see my Hatchfund campaign page here. Later, I did a second campaign on Indiegogo and that turned out great too).

If you’re planning your own campaign, do I really need to tell you to read the how-to info on Kickstarter or Indiegogo or wherever you end up? Yeah, do that. And finally, here are some links to articles I found useful when I was trying to learn about this stuff:

Some Quick Advice On Crowdfunding For Filmmakers – Zak Forsman
Successful Crowdfunders: The 5 Top Tips – Nigel Smith
Before You Launch a Crowdfunding Campaign, Do These 6 Things – Nathan Resnik
Kicking Ass and Taking Donations – Todd Anderson

Good luck.


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