A World Premiere – and a race to the finish!

We’re very pleased to announce that NEW will see its WORLD PREMIERE at the end of April. In London, no less, at the Sci-Fi London Film Festival!

Does that mean the film is done? Well, not quite. But it’s home stretch time. My screenwriting instructors always told me a ticking clock makes things more exciting. Well, now we’ve got one. The film absolutely HAS to be done in April. And to make things more suspenseful, we’re out of money, too. It’s a familiar story: we blew the post budget on production.

That’s why we’ve just launched second, final (we promise!) crowdfunding campaign. New campaign, same URL:

www.NewTheMovie.com (check it out now!)


Our all-new pitch video includes exclusive, never-seen-before clips from the film, so you can finally get a glimpse of all the wonderful-ness that’s been going on. Please have a look, chip in if you can, and share, share, share! It’s all about spreading the word.

To make it easier, here are blurbs that are cut & paste-ready for your social media:

This one’s short enough for Twitter:
This cool short film going to @scifilondon Film Festival needs to raise a few $ to finish in time! www.NewTheMovie.com @indiegogo RT!

And here’s a longer one, for Facebook or emails or whatnot:
This cool short film has just been accepted to the Sci-Fi London Film Festival & needs to raise a few $ to finish in time! www.NewTheMovie.com Check it out, share around, and maybe chip in!

We’re almost there, everyone. As always, THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!


John and the NEW crew

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