I love this picture. Wrapping it up, w/champs and cigars - July 30, 2013.

That’s a wrap!

NEW wrapped principal photography on July 30, 2013, after 6 days of shooting.

Filming NEW was an amazing, grueling, wonderful, exhausting experience. I’ve never worked harder, never stressed harder and never had as much fun doing anything in my life. My feet still hurt. I lost 10 pounds.

But let me be clear, it wasn’t just me: everybody worked their butts off. The cast and crew labored tirelessly for long hours, more often than not in their socks out of respect for the homes we were shooting in. I have nothing but gratitude for everyone who bought into this dream that is NEW: actors, crew, and the friends, family and strangers whose donations made this production possible.

I have yet to review the footage in depth, but I know in my gut we got everything we set out to get. Every time I looked at the monitor I saw something beautiful, and every time an actor opened his or her mouth something wonderful came out.

While the visual effects department is already busy designing our effects shots, editing the film is next up for me and I can’t wait.

Shooting NEW on location in San Anselmo, CA - July 27, 2013

Shooting NEW on location in San Anselmo, CA – July 27, 2013. L – r: Director of Photography Kirk Douglas, Director John Harden, Jared Abrahamson (Hugh), Joslyn Jensen (Candace), Sound Mixer David Minard. Photo by Jennifer Lafleur.

On location in San Anselmo, CA

(L-R): Grip Eric Perez; Director of Photography Kirk Douglas; Camera Operator Dan Shimer; Jennifer Lafleur (Noelle) and Jared Abrahamson (Hugh). This photo & 2 below by Dave Bacigalupi.

Shooting NEW on location in San Anselmo CA

Another take is up! Director John Harden watches the monitor while actor Jared Abrahamson watches the birdie…


On set, July 28. 2013. (L-R) Jared Abrahamson as Hugh, Joslyn Jensen as Candace, and Chris Morrell as Conny.

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