Seeking PRODUCER – SF Bay Area

Award-winning screenwriter/director seeks experienced hands-on Producer for 15-minute sci-fi short. This is a paid position. The plan: smart script, pro actors, pro-level FX, indie budget.

I’m an award-winning screenwriter and director seeking an experienced Bay Area-based producer to work closely with me on a 15-minute short film. This will be a paid position.

The project’s title is “NEW.” The plot concerns an elderly couple who choose to have their bodies cryonically preserved at the time of their death. They find themselves revived centuries later, young and healthy, and must contend with future shock and identity crises. A short-story adaptation of the screenplay just won the Redwood Writers Science Fiction Story Contest.

Job requirements:
You should be experienced with the usual tasks like script breakdown, budgeting & scheduling. Be able to tap your resources to help assemble a good crew & pre/post-production team, including those familiar with the special requirements of science fiction genre projects: art direction, concept art, FX, costumes etc.– working creatively within an indie budget, of course.

I’m considering going with the SAG short film casting agreement, so experience working with their contracts, and/or with the SF SAG office is a definite plus.

It would also be terrific if you have prior experience with crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, and understand the importance of building and including a fan base throughout the project from genesis to after completion. I bring to the table an existing network of friends and associates in the film, sci-fi, and arts communities, and a standing invitation to set up a vetted, tax-deductible project at USA Projects ( Considering that, and the success of my past films, I believe I have a small fan base to start from. You’ll help me craft and promote the crowd-funding campaign, determining and fulfilling donor perks, etc. As we prepare to launch the campaign, we’ll work to identify existing groups of likely potential fans and reach out via social media to drive those people to the project page. I’m looking at using a free service like MailChimp to manage my mailing list of followers.

Your pay (and mine) will be determined based on the the total budget raised, and is totally conditional on a successful fundraising effort. We succeed or fail together!

Ultimately the most important thing is you genuinely commit to the vision of the film. Match my enthusiasm & energy for the project, have a sense of humor, be organized and reliable, and be easy to get along with because we’ll be seeing a lot of each other for many months. I want very much for this to be a great, fun experience for everyone involved, and for this to be the first of many successful projects.

Send email/CV/resume/links – whatever you want me to see – here.

Script is available on request.

You can learn more about me at