“Clever, funny, and profound social satire” – The Boston Globe

La vie d’un chien (The Life of a Dog)

La vie d’un chien is, first of all, the story of a French scientist who turns himself into a dog. But it’s also my homage to Chris Marker’s classic short film, La Jetée. Like La Jetée, my story is told almost entirely through the use of black-and-white still photos. A narrator voices the story – in French, naturellement. The rest of us just have to read the subtitles.

La vie d'un chien DVD coverThe film has screened at dozens of festivals, galleries, and other venues. Here’s a complete (-ish) list. I’ve sold quite a lot of DVDs too; if, after watching it for free online (above), you also feel compelled to own a physical copy, you can buy one here, and bless your heart, too. It might make a nice gift for the dog lover in your life.

The soundtrack for La vie was composed and performed by Lucio Menegon. It’s the beating heart of the film. You can find all the tracks from it here.


APRIL, 2011: Hey, swanky: you can now get La Vie at Nordstrom. It’s on a new compilation of short films called Dog Lovers, recently released on the Official Best of Fest label.

An the new DVD release from Film Movement, La vie is paired with the feature documentary Mine. This is supposed to be a terrific doc about pets and pet owners trying to reunite in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina.

SEPTEMBER, 2009: La vie plays at a venue near and dear to my heart: the San Francisco  Exploratorium. It’s one film on a rather avante-garde bill, all in support of the world premiere of Nightsoil by filmmakers Thad Povey and Alfonso Alvarez.

NOVEMBER, 2008: The dog movie will be featured on  Moviola, Canada’s all-short-film network. More details as I get ’em.

FEBRUARY, 2008: At long last La vie has been invited to play at Clermont-Ferrand, the “Cannes of short films.” I was honored to have the film included in a special series of shorts on the theme of dogs. The programmers wanted to screen the film from a 35mm print. Since one didn’t exist, they generously offered to underwrite the lab costs of creating one! (Imagine living in a country where they fund the arts.) I worked with Monaco Labs in San Francisco and they did a beautiful job.

NOVEMBER, 2006: How cool is this?! La Vie was part of a huge Metropolis-themed extravaganza, with live music, installations and whatnot. Brought to you by my distribution company, the very cool FutureShorts folks. Me and Fritz Lang… wow. I feel like my garage band was tapped to open for Led Zeppelin. Sorta like that.

SEPTEMBER, 2006: It’s official: La Vie is an art film. It played at the DeCordova Museum of Art for 4 months, exhibited as continuous loop (how many screenings is that?). It was just one part of a show called “Going Ape: Confronting Animals in Contemporary Art.” In its coverage the Boston Globe called La Vie a “clever, funny, and profound social satire.”

NOVEMBER 2005: I’m very pleased to announce that La Vie was awarded FIRST PRIZE at the Three Rivers Film Festival in Pittsburgh! The prize includes a cash award, film stock from Kodak, and Final Draft screenwriting software.

OCTOBER 2005: Dog movie takes prizes in Mill Valley and D.C.!

Good reviews in Birmingham and cyberspace… Here’s a great write up for our screening at the Sidewalk Film Festival,and here’s a nice mention on the Greencine Blog by Hannah Eaves… and her recent follow-up… (a long article, scroll down to about the half-way mark)

JUNE 2005: La Vie wins at LA Film Festival!

MARCH 2005: Read about our NEW DIRECTORS/NEW FILMS/NEW YORK adventure!

BUY the dog movie!


These are PDF files:
Synopsis & Director’s Statement
Publicity Stills(3 MB)
Complete Credits (5 pages)

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