L-R: Jared Abrahamson, Joslyn Jensen, Jennifer Lafleur

Meet the cast of NEW!

It’s been super busy around here as we prepare to make our film NEW. One crucial task has been finding the perfect cast. Special recognition must go out to rock star producer Don R. Lewis, who worked his connections, beat the bushes, and turned over stones to assemble this talented team. Thanks to his efforts, our stars have aligned… and here they are:

Jared Abrahamson
In the lead role of HUGH, Jared will portray a 69-year-old man who emerges from centuries in cryonic deep-freeze to find he’s been restored to perfect health – and the bloom of youth. Jared hails from northern Manitoba, Canada. He moved west to Vancouver to try his hand at acting, and landed his first professional role as the lead in the Hallmark movie “Finding a Family.” Jared also trains in mixed martial arts and Muay Thai kickboxing.

Joslyn Jensen
Joslyn plays CANDACE, Hugh’s wife, who accompanies her husband on his cryonic one-way trip to the future. Joslyn is an actor and musician from Brooklyn, NY. She wowed us with her performance in the 2011 indie feature WITHOUT — and we weren’t alone in that. Joslyn received many accolades for her work in the film, including a special jury prize from the Florida Film Festival for Outstanding Debut Performance.

Jennifer Lafleur
Jennifer will be a familiar face to fans of filmmakers Mark and Jay Duplass, as she has appeared in many of their films including JEFF, WHO LIVES AT HOME and THE DO-DECA-PENTATHLON. In our film NEW, she’ll take on the part of NOELLE, the historian and case worker tasked with easing Hugh and Candace into their new lives in the 23rd century.

We’re thrilled to have this amazing lineup of talent onboard for NEW.

More updates coming soon!

John, Sheila, Don, Skot, and the whole NEW team

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