A free ticket to the future. (Or, to a film about it, at least.)

coupleblur_slide693x349I’m writing today tell you about a cool sci-fi film, and a cool offer from the Sci-Fi London Film Festival!

My filmmaking cohorts and I are wrapping up a successful crowd-funding campaign for NEW, a film we’ll be shooting this summer. NEW tells the story of an elderly couple revived from cryonic preservation, who face the joys and challenges of a second life in a distant future.

Please have a look at our video and project page: www.NewTheMovie.com

There’s still time to donate, and though we’ve made our goal, additional funds will only help us in realizing this ambitious project.

In addition to all the lovely thank-you perks you see listed on our project page, the good people at Sci-Fi London have added something to sweeten the deal: They’ve accepted the film (sight unseen!) to next year’s festival, and anyone donating $15 or more can receive a free ticket to the screening of our film. (You have to get to the festival yourself, of course!)

The official end date of the campaign is May 24, but USA Projects allows us to accept donation for an additional 30 days.

Thanks for having a look!

My best,

John Harden
Writer/Director, NEW